Eunice and Darren Wedding Day

Eunice and Darren, the first time we met was at Yau and Chi Wai wedding, we were so happy that you also choose us for both your pre-wedding and big day. I really hope that you love our photos and video that we have provide for you.

The day started so early that the sun was still down when we get set to work. The weather is fair and the mood is relaxing. The church ceremony was a home comming for our team as our videoman Henry and Kris get marry at the very same church so it was such an emotional for Henry to be able to work at the same place of his marriage.

I have to help Harlan's to say thank you to you two as the banquet hall is own by my good friend, and he said Happy Marriage to you two. With Great food and fine wine, the day comes to a close, and we finish our day with a very entertaining portrait section.

We are going to meet again at another banquet as one of your friends has join my service already. Looking forward to see you two again later!

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