Beverly and Homan Wedding Day

Beverly and Homan went to us only one month before their wedding, they have told us that our previous brides Joei and Gabrina highly recommend us to them. I was so happy that they choose our service over the company that they had originally booked.

As the first big day I work on the 2016-2017 peak season, I was so full of energy and ideas that I have gather through out the summer season. We are glad that Beverly and Homan both cooperate with our shooting schedule and everything turns out so well.

Aside from the regular morning session, we went to the ferry pier for a lovely portrait section with all the groomsmen and bridesmate. The weather is hot but lovely, with blue sky and lovely white clouds, we had such a great time and the photos are so good.

The banquet went smoothly and we all had a great day work. We surely hope Beverly and Homan enjoy our service and I hope to see you again in some of your friend's wedding like I see Joei and Garbina on your wedding.

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